Ayurveda in Skin & Beauty Care

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The Ayurvedic description of beauty is “subhanga karanam”—transforming all characteristics of body and mind to the highest auspicious level. Beauty, in the Ayurvedic sense, is extra than just skin-deep; it is a lot more than liposuction, cosmetic surgery, face-lifts, and working out. It is worthless to look for beauty in hair salons and health clubs—instead, turn inwards and tackle the endless beauty inside you. Ayurveda believes that the clandestine to true beauty lies in combination your inner self with your external self, for that just right and timeless glow of fair health— mind, body, and soul.

On a physical stage, Ayurveda has forever explained beauty to be the product of universal good health and a regular regimen of Ayurvedic care, suitable to one’s foundation. More than a meager mechanical cosmetic task, this engages self-knowledge and the integration of the accurate eating and lifestyle behaviors. Good health, when maintained, will go on to harvest rich dividends for you—assisting you to stay strong and fit even in your senior years and directing you to age gracefully.


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