Ayurveda in Modern Era

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Our modern era proudly exhibits a lifestyle where communication, work, business and travel has been made enormously easy for man, with a variety of gadgets and machines outfitted with earlier unheard-of electronic technology. Still, in spite of these comforts, life has turn out to be more competitive and complex. Man finds himself more under stress than ever before as with the modern lifestyle and technology, more is demanded of him. Families are breaking up due to proper care and time for one another is becoming a scarcity.

According to ayurvedic lifestyle, one ought to get 7-8 hours sleep every day. On waking up in the morning, one is supposed to drink a glass of warm water which assists in flushing out toxins gathered in the body overnight. One must wake up early in the morning and then go for a walk. Introduction of ayurveda in this modern era has helped people getting treatments of different diseases without getting harmful side effects.

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