Ayurveda is the prehistoric Indian system of holistic and natural medicine. When interpreted from Sanskrit, Ayurveda refers to “the science of life” (the Sanskrit root Ayur means “life” or “longevity” and veda means “science”). While allopathic medicine has a propensity to focus on the management of disease, Ayurveda confers us with the knowledge of how […]

Ayurveda in Skin & Beauty Care

  The Ayurvedic description of beauty is “subhanga karanam”—transforming all characteristics of body and mind to the highest auspicious level. Beauty, in the Ayurvedic sense, is extra than just skin-deep; it is a lot more than liposuction, cosmetic surgery, face-lifts, and working out. It is worthless to look for beauty in hair salons and health […]

Ayurveda in Modern Era

Our modern era proudly exhibits a lifestyle where communication, work, business and travel has been made enormously easy for man, with a variety of gadgets and machines outfitted with earlier unheard-of electronic technology. Still, in spite of these comforts, life has turn out to be more competitive and complex. Man finds himself more under stress […]